The Art Students League of Grand Lake, formed in 2016, is an organization in Grand County, Colorado whose purpose is to provide local artists, whether beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional with a stimulating and educational environment in which to develop their art.


Primarily focused on 2-D easel drawing and painting, the students meet once a week at the Grand Lake Center located at 301 Marina Drive, Grand Lake, CO.  Meetings are an informal, drop-in format whereby local students know they can dedicate time each week to learn or enhance their abilities through interaction with other students as well as advanced and professional artists.  Once a month, the session will be a workshop led by an advanced or professional artist; the topic will be determined by the Students and the availability of appropriate instructors.  Sessions are open to all individuals with no restriction.

Meetings may have a particular focus, such as a particular technique, medium or skill, but will be tailored to the desires and capabilities of the students attending.  Interaction among attendees is encouraged, as that is the primary purpose of the League. 

One still life will be set up at each meeting to provide a common subject to be explored, but students may elect to bring their own subject matter.  Each student is expected to bring their own equipment and supplies at this time.  There is no restriction on the medium you wish to use, be it charcoal, pencil, ink, oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, or any of the many alternatives available to artists today.


Regular Weekly Meeting:

Grand Lake Center art room - NW Corner of the facility - 301 Marina Drive, Grand Lake CO

Thursday every week, 9AM-1PM

Cost: regular 4 hour session - $5 per session per student (the art room utilization fee)

NOTE: an additional fee will be charged for workshops, and be dependent on the instructor's fee and number of students attending


If you want to learn how to draw, mix and use colors, include composition basics in your pictures, improve your skills, learn new techniques, or get help on particular artistic problems, this is the place for you.  There is no better way to explore and develop your craft than by interacting with other artists.

Please join us!
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